AI for better customer experience

AI for better customer experience

AI powered software solutions and consultation services for enterprises

We are Finnish software house, specialized in AI solutions and products. 

Our offering contains innovative AI powered solutions for enterprises and public organizations. 

We can tell you how to utilize AI succesfully in various business environments. 

Chatbots for making better customer experience

We offer chatbot product based or customized solutions for empowering customer support and sales

Why chatbots?

Freeing people to other work 

Chatbots may process repeated, simple tasks freeing human to work on more demanding tasks.

Familiar environment 

Chatbots give the company the ability to solve customer problems in a familiar channel known to the customer.

Accessibility and easy to use

Customers appreciate Chatbot’s self-service model. Service is immediately available, quickly and easily.

High Quality

Chatbots are tireless and they don’t make errors. chatbot

Product or custom

We offer solution according requirements based on our own product platforms or customized development work

AI powered with leading technologies

Our chatbots core technolgies are based on leading AI technologies from Microsoft, Amazon and Google.

Our chatbot features

Saves time

Chatbot can handle tasks on behalf of man and release human time for other tasks

Always available

Chatbot is always available, tirelessly working and delivering quality service

Understands you

Our Chatbots understand Finnish. The user can communicate with the bot freely in their own language by typing or speaking

Learns from users

Our chatbots learn automatically or by active learning. We offer tools and support services for chatbot optimization

Works as you want

User interface, dialog, and integrations to other applications implemented according customer requirements​

Looks smashing

Visualize dialog using images, videos animations and smart forms

Multiple channels

Website chatbot, Facebook, Skype, Slack, Microsoft Teams, email, text messages, customized channels

Shares information

Easy integration to variuos live chat products. Integration support to over 1000 various applications

Easy to deploy

Cloud service from reliable Microsoft Azure service

Chatbot implementation

Agile and efficient

We implement the chatbot solution always according  the needs of our customers using agile and efficient work methods

Reasonable pricing

The cost of the solution can be maintained at a reasonable level by utilizing Isoft’s own platforms and components.

High quality

We use market-leading Microsoft and Google AI services in our solutions

Full lifecycle services

We offer all chatbot solution services. From specification and implementation to hosting and support services.

Chatbot pricing

Simple pricing model

Pricing is based on a fixed startup fee and a monthly payment based on the selected service level.

Suitable service package

We offer service packages where our customers can choose the most suitable support and hosting services for their needs.

Please contact us for more details on our pricing.

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Custom Vision

Create customized computer vision solution easily powered by our CVision platform


Business cases

Cvision solutions can be utilized in any solution that requires product identification based on company’s own product images.

The solution can be used, for example, in the intelligent search for spare parts and product information.



Customized computer vision

Cvision platform allows you to quickly implement computer vision solution based on customer’s own product images and linked identification labels like product Id and product categories. 

Fast implementation and Deployment

The completed solution can be implemented quickly just in few weeks, according to the customer’s requirements.

Complete solution

Our product platform offers versatile services for building, teaching and integrating the artificial intelligence model into the customer’s business operations

Reliable Technology

In our product platform, we utilize the Microsoft Artificial Intelligence technologies that are based on decades of research


CVision Customer Case


The service technicians and service process owners spent too much time finding the right spare parts for devices that required maintenance.


Cvision Solution for service technicians, service planners and sales persons to quickly find the right spare parts and product information

CVision solution implementation steps

We offer development services to all phases of the solution implementation

1. Image Uploading

The images used by the solution are uploaded to the Cvision cloud service. Identifying information, such as product code and product categories are attached to images.

2. Teaching the Model

Uploaded images and associated tags are used to create an artificial intelligence model. After the teaching process the model is capable to find product labels.

3. Model optimization

The reliability of the AI model's product and character recognition process can be optimised if necessary.

4. Model usage

Our solution includes an API interface that enables machine-vision sensing technology to be integrated into the company's business systems.

CVision pricing

Clear pricingmodel

Pricing is based on a fixed starting fee and a monthly payment based on the solution usage.

Contact us to learn more about our pricing

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Speech solutions

New solutions and better customer experience powered by speech recogniton and text-to-speech


Isoft Text-to-Speech bot

Audio media/podcasts easily

Isoft’s text-to-speech product-based text-to-speech bot that delivers audio media that is easy to publish on websites and / or podcasts


Bot creates automatically audio media from RSS and HTML sources


The audio created by bot is of high quality, close to natural human speech

Almost realtime

Audio newscast can be created almost realtime from published text based news source

Fast implementation

Isoft’s text-to-speech platform enables solution implementation in just few days

Missä bottia voidaan käyttää?


Ääniuutiset integroituna  verkkosivustoille


Äänimedia voidaan julkaista podcasteina helposti mobiililaitteisiin ja muihin podcasteja tukeviin laitteisiin

Älykkäissä kodinlaitteissa

Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, Google Home puhetta ymmärtävät laitteet toimivat myös text-to-speech tuotteemme  kanssa

Play Video

Katso oheinen video kuinka Kalevan ääniuutiset toimivat Amazonin Echo laitteelta


Kokeile Isoft Text-to-Speech tuotteen avulla toteutettua Kalevan ääniuutisbottia allaolevan mediaplayerin avulla.

Text-to-speech bot features

Supports existing media

The solution can use existing RSS and HTML content to produce audio media


The audio media produced by the solution is of a very high quality and close to normal human speech.

Publishing to
multiple channels

Produced audio media can be used for audio clips, web sites, podcasts, and / or customized solutions

Almost realtime

As content changes, updated audio media is created very quickly, almost realtime


The solution uses Isoft's Text-to-speech product platform, which can be tailored to various needs.

Easy to deploy

The solution can be implemented just in a few days. Solution is a cloud service offered by Isoft on Microsoft Azure service

Text-to-Speech bot pricing

Simple pricing

Pricing is based on a fixed startup fee and a monthly payment based on the number of publishing and source data channels.

Please contact us for more details on our pricing.

Speech recognition bots

Puheentunnistaminen tarjoaa uusia sovellusmahdollisuuksia erilaisiin tarpeisiin verkkopalveluiden yhteydessä.

Isoftin chatbot tuotteemme tukee suomenkielistä puheen tunnistamista mobiililaitteissa ja tietokoneissa. 

Customized solutions

We implement customized speech recognition solutions tailored according customer needs, especially for web environments

Leading technology

In our solutions, we use the Voice Recognition Services of Amazon, Google, and Microsoft

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We can help enterprises how to use AI solutions successfully in their business


Our consultation services

Our Competence

Chatbots, speech recognition, speech to text and media analyses are our core competences.

Our Offering

We offer AI consultation for all phases of AI projects including specification, implementation and support.

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We are Finnish software house specilized in AI solutions


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